My steaks are a little thinner or thicker than specified. Why?
Steaks are priced and sold by weight. If the eye of the primal (large piece of meat steaks are cut from) is wider than average, then the steaks will have to be cut a little thinner to get the weight correct. If the primal is more narrow than average, then the steaks will slightly thicker to compensate.

When Should I Order?

Plan to order at least 48 hours before you need your meat, we deliver Tuesday-Friday.

For example: If you need your meat on a Friday for the weekend, please order by 11:59 p.m. EST on the preceding Wednesday. We highly recommend, however, ordering for a day earlier than you need your meat to provide a delivery cushion.

Can I buy meat direct at your facility?
Unfortunately, no. Being federally inspected makes it difficult to have visitors here. Most areas require proper attire such as butcher coats and hair nets. In addition, there is a lot of heavy machinery (fork lifts, etc.) in use in and around the plant. This can cause an unsafe environment for a casual visitor.

Do you ship meat internationally?
Unfortunately we do not. International packages have to go through customs and they can spend an unpredictable amount of time doing so. This makes it impossible for us to ship a fresh product internationally.

My order is a day late. Will the meat still be good?
Yes. We package everything for at least 48 hours of shipping, and it can go even longer in the colder months. Overall, only about 2-3% packages arrive late, but be aware that it can happen. In general, we do not offer refunds on meat that arrive one day late, but in good condition.

How can I tell if my meat arrived in good condition?
The meat should be cool to the touch when it arrives. It was never frozen, so therefore it could not have defrosted. It is okay if the gel packs are not frozen, as long as they are still cold.

I want to order for a special dinner/event. When should I order?
Always order to receive meat at least a full 48 hours in advance. Transit delays and mistakes on our end are very rare, but they do happen. If you choose an early delivery date, then it gives us a chance to overcome those rare occurrences.

What does "Prime" actually mean?
Beef is graded based solely on fat content. Prime beef contains the most intermuscular fat, in addition to fat surrounding muscle groups. Prime beef represents less than 3% of all beef produced. This is the most highly sought after grade of beef because fat is flavor.

I prefer lean beef or beef that is not very fatty.
Leaner beef is going to be lower graded beef. We sell only prime (see above) and some high choice in our online store.

When do you process online orders?
All of our cutting starts in the evening and ends in the morning hours. The online orders are processed towards the end of the shift, from 4am to 8am. The rest of the day is spent cleaning and sanitizing all of our equipment and rooms. The USDA inspects all of our equipment every evening before we can begin processing.

How fresh is the meat I receive?
Your order is processed in the morning of the day it ships. All of the steaks, roasts, etc. are cut that morning and all of the burgers are made fresh that morning. This is why we are able to have a 12am EST cutoff time for online orders.

Why can't I get meat for delivery tomorrow?
There is very little time between when we can start cutting at night and when UPS arrives to pick up the orders. If you have a real meat emergency, then call us or send an email and we will try our best to squeeze you in.

My order arrived late. Can't you just put a claim in with UPS and give it to me for free?

UPS does not honor claims when delays are due to weather. They don't even honors claims if previous weather creates a backlog in the system that causes the delay. Basically, it's extremely rare that we can put a claim in on a package. However, if meat arrives in poor condition we will absolutely replace it.

My meat has a smell I'm not familiar with, what's that from?

Because we prepare and deliver fresh, our packaging can very occasionally result in an odor which will dissipate within 24 hours of unpackaging. In this case, your meat is perfectly safe to eat. If you still have concerns about your meat's scent, please don't hesitate to call us to for support.

I'm shipping an order as a gift. Are there any special instructions?

Yes, please alert the recipient of a perishable package arriving. We are not responsible for deliveries left unattended or undeliverable due to a recipient not being home.

I am not happy with all or part of my order. What should I do?

Please contact us by email or phone as soon as possible. We always do right by our customers.

What is the minimum order amount for an online order?                               

To ensure efficient processing, kindly note that online orders require a minimum purchase of 5 pounds. Thank you for your understanding.