LaFrieda 50CUT Burger - Beef & Wild Mushroom 50/50 Blend


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Meet the new LaFrieda 50CUT Burger:  Superb Taste & Texture.

The LaFrieda 50CUT Burger is a 50-50 blend that pairs equal measures of premium ground beef with a mix of premium mushrooms such as oyster, trumpet, shiitake, and lion's mane, to add a rich umami flavor, reduces cooking time and enhances nutrition in the burger.  This is achieved while retaining the juicy, meaty taste and texture of full-beef burgers. The result is a deeply satisfying, protein-rich patty that addresses the environmental concerns of consumers.

  • THE JUICE STAYS IN THE BURGER - keep your buns dry :)
  • IMPROVED NUTRITION - increase fiber, iron & vitamin D, and reduce cholesterol and saturated fat.
  • SUSTAINABLE AND DELICIOUS - for those who seek sustainability without compromising on flavor.

Please note: Buns & condiments pictured are not included with this product.

This pack includes 1 Pack of LaFrieda 50CUT Burger Blend ( two 6oz patties)

  • Meat Beef
  • Wild Mushroom Blend

Ingredients:  Ground Beef, Wild Mushroom Roots & Mushroom

How to Cook:

  • Thaw, then season patties with salt to taste on both sides.
  • For a medium burger, grill on med-high heat for 5-6 minutes (total) and add ground black pepper & cheese at the end.
  • Serve on toasted burger buns with your favorite toppings.


  • Cooking with 50CUT takes half the time as an all-meat patty
  • The mushroom soaks up the juice and fat like a sponge while cooking, resulting in non-soggy buns.

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